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LX VisualApplets cameras

Baumer presents a new camera class: The LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessing will be available in the 4th quarter of 2015. Since image preprocessing is carried out directly in the camera’s FPGA, the volume of data to be transmitted and processed is reduced so that the PC-based image processing system doesn’t have to perform algorithms requiring considerable processor power. Consequently, the customers benefit from enhanced application performance or reduced system cost.

The cameras provide comprehensive FPGA and memory resources for image preprocessing. FPGA programming is done with VisualApplets, the graphical development environment by Silicon Software. Even complex algorithms for demanding inspection tasks can be quickly and easily implemented to application-specific requirements – even by end users without profound FPGA programming knowledge. This way image data with high resolution and speed can be processed efficiently, cost-effectively and in real-time. Thanks to example applets for many standard tasks in image preprocessing such as image optimization, data reduction or process control, the LX VisualApplets camera’s extended range of functions can be quickly evaluated and easily adapted to the application.

The new LX VisualApplets cameras integrate Global Shutter CMOS sensors by CMOSIS and a GigE Vision compliant interface to ensure quick and easy integration and in parallel high sensitivity and excellent image quality. The cameras are available with 4, 12 or 20 megapixel resolution with up to 74 fps.


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