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LX series

Baumer has added eight new camera models, with resolutions from 2 to 20 megapixels and frame rates up to 337 fps, to its LX series. Global shutter CMOS sensors ensure high image quality with extremely high sensitivity, making the LXC cameras suitable for multi-faceted applications such as in the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics, in measuring technology, lab automation, and traffic inspection tasks.

A Camera Link interface provides high bandwidth and low CPU load for high-performance cameras, while the GenCP protocol is used for camera configuration. This protocol enables a convenient parameterisation via GenICam similar to GigE Vision, and effectively removes the need for the demanding register programming typical for Camera Link.

Furthermore, Baumer LXC cameras can identify transmission errors on a PC or in the frame grabber during the process. This functionality can also be used for data integrity checks in robotics or in long-distance transmission to ensure system stability.

Tests at Baumer with up to 15-metre transmission distance were successfully passed. In addition, events and status information, such as image sequence number or image-related time stamps, can be included in the transmission, and allow for easy camera status control


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