Pylon Driver version 2.1

Basler Vision Technologies has launched version 2.1 of its Pylon Driver software package. The release focuses on 64-bit system support for Microsoft Windows

Scout cameras

Basler Vision Technologies has launched four Scout camera models based on Sony's ICX618 sensor.

A406k camera

Basler Vision Technologies has launched its A406k camera, which is a fast 4 Megapixel camera with a Camera Link interface.

CMOS gains ground

Warren Clark charts the march of the CMOS sensor as it continues to steal ground from its CCD rival

Scout Light series

Basler Vision Technologies has added the Scout Light series to its product portfolio. This series consists of four new camera models based on Sony CCD sensors and Micron's MT9V CMOS sensor.

C-Mount option to the Runner series

Basler has added a C-Mount option to the Basler Runner Gigabit Ethernet line scan camera family. This series now also includes six C-Mount monochrome models with 1k and 2k line scan CCD sensors.


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