C-Mount option to the Runner series

Basler has added a C-Mount option to the Basler Runner Gigabit Ethernet line scan camera family. This series now also includes six C-Mount monochrome models with 1k and 2k line scan CCD sensors.

Pylon Driver

Basler has released the first Linux version of its Pylon Driver. This driver package is designed to operate with all Basler GigE Vision cameras.

Pilot piA2400-17 cameras

Basler Vision Technologies has expanded its Pilot GigE camera series with two new models based on Sony's ICX625 CCD sensor, which feature an image capture rate of up to 17fps.

Sprint line scan family

Basler Vision Technologies is expanding its high sensitivity Sprint line scan family by adding colour variants with the resolutions of 2k, 4k and 8k.

Scout and Pilot updated features

Basler is adding a new Auto Features Suite to its Scout and Pilot camera series, to include automatic gain control, automatic exposure control and automatic white balance control.

Runner series

Basler has updated its Runner series, which now includes seven models (six monochrome cameras and one tri-linear colour camera) with 1k and 2k CCD sensors and screwable RJ-45 connectors.


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