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Ace series

Basler Vision Technologies has launched the Ace series of industrial Gigabit Ethernet cameras. These cameras are designed to meet the cost demands of analogue camera users while offering all of the technological advantages of a digital camera. This goal has been achieved by a strictly cost-driven product design using Basler's position in GigE-based cameras while maintaining Basler's high quality standards. The entry-level price is €299.

The cameras provide a small 29 x 29mm footprint, Power over Ethernet, high-performance features, and easy integration on both the hardware and software sides. The Ace series will initially consist of four camera models in monochrome and colour with resolutions from VGA to 2 Megapixels and featuring a C-mount adapter. All cameras are equipped with a CCD sensor.

The Ace camera series is targeting the replacement of analogue cameras, USB cameras, and IEEE 1394a and b cameras that are based on the standard 29 x 29mm footprint. Because the cameras have a mechanical mounting and optical concept identical to most analogue, USB, and IEEE 1394 cameras, the integration effort required is low.

The Ace series offers all of the basic features required on a digital camera series and much more. The high-performance FPGA used in these cameras is packed with features, such as several automatic parameter adjustment functions, and includes helpful new features like an optimised software trigger function for high-speed triggering via the GigE bus. In addition, the camera has a Power over Ethernet option available, which makes connecting GigE cameras less complex and even cheaper by eliminating the need for a second cable.

The integration on the software side is also simple. Basler provides the Pylon software package, a free-of-charge SDK and Viewer Tool, with plenty of sample programs to help users get started quickly. The Pylon software package runs on Windows and Linux and can be used with all common development environments.

The cameras are available in the UK from Multipix Imaging (


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