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Pylon 2.2

Basler Vision Technologies has released version 2.2 of its Pylon camera driver package. The package can be downloaded for free from Basler's website.

This Pylon release offers two main enhancements: it includes support for several additional programming languages, such as Visual Basic 6.0, C, and Microsoft .NET, and it allows comfortable Camera Link camera configuration via a GenICam compliant API.

On the application programming interface (API) side, Pylon's C++ programming language support was expanded to include standard C and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. In addition, Microsoft's newer C# and VB.NET programming technologies are now supported by the release. All of the new APIs have full access to all of the camera and grabbing features on Basler's IEEE1394 and GigE Vision camera families such as Pilot, Scout, Runner, and the Ace series. Each programming language extension comes with its own comprehensive documentation and a set of code samples that demonstrate the main application tasks in a simple way and can be expanded to cover new customer applications easily.

This release marks the first time that Pylon includes support for configuring cameras with a Camera Link interface via the Pylon API. In order to make this feature possible, the mechanisms established in the Generic Camera Interface Standard (GenICam) were adapted to the Camera Link interface by the GenICam standardisation group. Basler's Camera Link-based Aviator family can now be controlled via the Pylon driver, along with all of the other Basler FireWire or GigE Vision camera families.


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