All-seeing eye

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at the cameras that are taking a look at all of us

Ace cameras

Basler has started series production of its latest version of Ace area scan camera models, offering a Gigabit Ethernet interface, Power over Ethernet, and a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor

On the road again

Greg Blackman looks at some examples of intelligent transport systems in use for traffic monitoring and enforcement

Does it come in puce...?

Technical progress and increased demand is seeing colour imaging advance from its established print inspection market to a host of other applications. Stephen Mounsey looks at the challenges of reproducing colours in machine vision

How's that?

Greg Blackman on the use of imaging in sport, from ball-tracking technology used by commentators to advanced sport science research in training top athletes

Thin and fast

Line scan cameras are the go-to solution for high-speed and high-resolution inspection applications across several industries - but even in such a thoroughly established branch of machine vision, vendors are pushing developments at an impressive pace, as Stephen Mounsey discovers

Scout2 camera family

Basler has introduced the GigE Scout2 camera family with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a novel colour image enhancement concept with advanced colour features


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