Does this scan?

Greg Blackman on the latest developments in line scan camera technology

Racer line scan camera

Basler has introduced the first models of its cost-effective line scan camera family, Racer. The cameras are compact, easy to integrate, and deliver excellent image quality

Ace cameras

Basler has started series production of the next models of its Ace area scan camera series, the acA2000-340km/kc and the acA2040-180km/kc

Line scan camera family

Basler will introduce the first models of a new line scan camera family at the Vision 2011 trade fair, which will set new standards in terms of pricing


Basler is launching new models in the successful Scout series - the scA1600-28 models deliver 28fps at 2 Megapixel resolution

All-seeing eye

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at the cameras that are taking a look at all of us

Ace cameras

Basler has started series production of its latest version of Ace area scan camera models, offering a Gigabit Ethernet interface, Power over Ethernet, and a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor

On the road again

Greg Blackman looks at some examples of intelligent transport systems in use for traffic monitoring and enforcement


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