Allied Vision

Guppy Pro

Allied Vision Technologies has expanded its Guppy camera line with five models featuring the fast FireWire 1394b interface, which provides high bandwidth for image data transmission

Stingray GE

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the Stingray GE with GigE Vision interface, adding to prior FireWire interface variations available in the camera family (IEEE 1394b with copper or fibre optic)

Prosilica GX-Series

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) has released a range of GigE cameras, the Prosilica GX-Series, combining high-speed (running at 240Mb/s) and high-resolution

Manta camera family

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) has introduced the Manta camera family, an affordable, robust digital camera series for industrial imaging applications

Vision in gear

Greg Blackman investigates some of the areas where machine vision is used in automotive manufacture

Guppy F-503

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the Guppy F-503 featuring a high-resolution 5 Megapixel Micron CMOS sensor.

Stingray F-125 and Stingray F-504

Allied Vision Technologies has added two versions to its successful Stingray camera family: the Stingray F-125 and Stingray F-504 with 1.3 and 5 Megapixels respectively.

China - opportunity or threat?

In the vision industry - as in many others at the moment - there is much talk about China, both as a market for Western products, and also as a competitor in the manufacture of those products, as Warren Clark discovers


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