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Stingray GE

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the Stingray GE with GigE Vision interface, adding to prior FireWire interface variations available in the camera family (IEEE 1394b with copper or fibre optic). Thanks to its modular construction, the Stingray can be customised with a multitude of interfaces, housings, sensors and lens mounts to meet every application requirement.

With its GigE Vision interface, the Stingray GE is especially well suited to applications requiring high image rates while bridging great distances between the host computer and the camera. The model, like all others in the Stingray family, offers extensive functions for image optimisation and easy system integration. As such, it's the first GigE Vision camera from Allied Vision Technologies to fully combine the so-called AVT Smart Features with a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Wherever possible, the GE versions of the Stingray have integrated the highly sensitive Sony ICX CCD sensors with resolutions from VGA up to 5 Megapixels. Thus, the GigE Stingray promises to provide the same high image quality as the FireWire models. The first Stingray GE models will be available beginning Q2/2010.


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