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Specim's LWIR hyperspectral camera advances chemical imaging in challenging environments

Specim FX120

Specim has introduced the Specim FX120, a long-wave infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral camera with a spectral range of 7.7 to 12.3µm. 

The fast push-broom thermal hyperspectral camera is ideal for chemical imaging in challenging environments, day and night, and allows for the simultaneous capture of all 160 swath-width spectral bands at speeds of 240 frames per second.

Operating in the LWIR spectral range with high sensitivity, the Specim FX120 supports applications in mineralogical research, environmental analysis, and defence and surveillance applications. It can perform accurate mineral mapping, landmine, and ordnance detection and is sensitive to detect thermal anomalies and classify gases. 

The camera can capture minerals undetectable by other wavelengths. In conjunction with the SisuRock workstation, the Specim FX120 advances drill-core scanning. Its speed and accuracy in capturing all sizes of core drive high productivity and detailed drill-core analysis, providing vital information for informed decision-making.

The FX120’s compact, transferable, and robust design enables easy integration into existing systems, facilitating seamless adoption for various operating environments.


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