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New AI logistics tool enhances warehouse efficiency

warehouse efficiency

UK-based robotics and data intelligence company Dexory has introduced an AI-powered logistics engine to help warehouses maximise operational efficiency, optimise inventory management, and enhance the overall warehouse agility and responsiveness.

DexoryView enables warehouse operatives to process millions of data sets captured daily across warehouses via autonomous robots, providing real-time access to insights and predictive analytics that enable businesses to make smarter, faster decisions.

The combination of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and large language models allows warehouse operators to maximise efficiency across critical drivers such as space utilisation, inventory, working time and machinery utilisation.

The new AI functionality unlocks the next level of intelligence in DexoryView. The platform combines the use of autonomous robots to scan warehouses of one million square feet (approx 93,000m2) and more than 100,000 pallets in a day, providing accurate, instant, real time information on goods and assets across the sites it operates in. 

Credit for main image: dreamnikon/Shutterstock

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