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Case study: AT MetrologyPackage - 3D data evaluation in less than 10 minutes

Metrology BGA Inspection

Metrology BGA inspection (credit: AT)

How can you install a sensor, scan an object, visualise and evaluate measurement data in less than 10 minutes? With the new 3D software from AT – Nina Claassen explains

MetrologyPackage is a software tool from AT (Automation Technology) that enables 3D sensor integration, commissioning and initial evaluation of 3D metrology applications in a short time. The package consists of several tools combined in MetrologyExplorer and a Metrology Software Development Kit (SDK). 

The MetrologyExplorer tools allow AT customers to get started immediately with a 3D sensor of AT’s C6 series. After just a few minutes, the first 3D images can be created and the associated measurement information analysed – a novelty in 3D metrology. 

In order to realise this optimisation of commissioning and speed of evaluation, AT provides a variety of sample scripts for measurements covering typical 3D applications. With the help of these evaluation scripts, customers can, among other things, test their sensor live and adapt it to their application solution until the evaluation meets their requirements. Another advantage: The evaluation examples can also be executed offline at any time, so customers can convince themselves of the performance of the MetrologyPackage even without a sensor. 

The special feature here is that AT provides the customer with the source codes for the demo programs supplied, not only to create transparency, but also to give programmers an introduction to the individual adaptation of the evaluation scripts. For the development of customer-specific applications, a developer licence is then required, which can be purchased from AT as an additional option to the free MetrologyPackage. 

Flexibility and faster time-to-market

The big AT advantage at this point is that, due to the open concept of the new MetrologyExplorer, the customer enjoys many privileges that no competitor has granted so far. The benefits include a significantly faster time-to-market as well as a much higher flexibility in terms of functionality and expandability of applications, which opens up completely new dimensions. 

The MetrologyExplorer tools allow AT customers to get  started immediately with a 3D sensor of AT’s C6 series

The MetrologyExplorer tools allow AT customers to get started immediately with a 3D sensor of AT’s C6 series (credit: AT)

“After we launched a new 3D sensor series in 2022 with our C6, which enables the world’s fastest 3D profiling thanks to its WARP technology and its sensor chip specially developed by us, we have also expanded and further developed our software for this. With this novelty we hope for further simplification in terms of support for our customers,” says AT CTO Dr.-Ing. André Kasper. 

Automatic alignment for real 3D images

What is particularly exciting is that the package also supports fully automatic alignment according to the reference point system (RPS). This makes it possible, among other things, to align the individual images of several partial scans, or even several sensors with different perspectives, with each using reference data, and to combine them into “real” 3D images of the entire object. This type of measurement is particularly suitable in the automotive sector, where large components are often on the test bench. Incidentally, this type of measurement was previously only possible with time-consuming manual measurements outside the production line. 

Metrology pin inspection

Metrology pin inspection (credit: AT)

In summary, the new AT MetrologyPackage therefore offers its customers an enormous benefit, as it makes the hardware much easier to install and configure Furthermore, 3D application solutions can be implemented much more efficiently and thus made competitive more quickly, which in turn saves not only cost but also a lot of time. In addition, since hardware and the associated software are now offered from a single source, customers can be guaranteed corresponding all-round support. 

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