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Zyla sCMOS camera

Andor Technology has launched the Zyla 5.5 Megapixel Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera. Ideal for research and OEM usage, Zyla sCMOS offers 100fps frame rate, rolling and snapshot (global) shutter modes and ultra-low noise performance, in a light, compact and cost-effective design.

Zyla achieves down to 1.2 electron rms read noise and can read out the 5.5 Megapixel sensor at a sustained 100fps through a 10-tap Camera Link interface. A highly cost-effective 3-tap version is also available, offering up to 30fps. Comprehensive on-head FPGA real-time data processing ensures excellent image quality and quantitative stability.

The camera is thermoelectrically cooled to 0°C in up to 35°C ambient temperature. A board level version of Zyla is available to facilitate more flexible OEM integration.


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