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ZF lenses

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Carl Zeiss has expanded its industrial lens portfolio. The ZF lenses are available in a special industrial version and the f-stop and focus settings of the ZF-I lenses can be fixed. For this purpose, the lenses are supplied with five locking screws, which enable reliable locking of the adjustments once they have been set. Measuring inaccuracies and errors are thus reduced, and there is no need to waste time checking the settings.

A special coating which guarantees a high transmission value for wavelengths up to 1,100nm can be applied to capture images in the near infrared range. The ZF-IR lenses are suitable for use with IR cameras without appropriate barrier filters.

All ZF lenses provide sharp image definition, colour fidelity in accordance with Zeiss standards, stray light absorption, well-corrected distortion and no reflections. With their F-bayonet, they comply with the globally accepted standard for high-resolution industrial cameras featuring large-format image sensors. All lenses with focal lengths 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 50 and 85mm and the two macro lenses with 50 and 100mm focal lengths are available as ZF-I or ZF-IR version on request.