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Z3 Technology has launched the ZEUS DME-04. The DME-04 digital media encoder is an H.264 solution that supports single channel encoding resolutions up to 1080p60 or dual channel encoding resolutions up to one channel of 1080i30 and one channel of 720p60. The compact form factor of the DME-04 makes it easy to integrate into a variety of applications. It is a solution for broadcast encoding, video security, medical video and industrial applications.

Features included are: H.264 encoding in resolutions up to 1080p60; Closed captioning support and the ability to stream one source in multiple resolutions and bitrates.

Interfaces included are: 1x 3G-SDI input, 1x composite input, 1x HDMI input and 1x GigE.

Supported resolutions are: H.264 BP, MP and HP up to 1080p60 and dual channel encoding of up to 1x 1080i30 + 1x 720p60.