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Z M18

The Z M18 product range from Z-Laser is a family of RGB lasers for the vision, measurement, scientific, medical and alignment industries. The lasers are available with wavelengths of red, green, blue and IR with output powers up to 200mW.

The lasers feature 5-30VDC operation, with voltage, spike and reverse polarity protection. At any voltage within this range, the lasers can be modulated both analogue and digitally simultaneously, at frequencies of up to 20MHz. This allows the intensity to be varied while also enabling the laser to be synchronised with a camera or other equipment. Furthermore, the sophisticated electronics feature a built-in micro controller and serial interface facilitating the logging of temperature, operating hours, etc.

The lasers provide a simple, external hand focusing mechanism as well as a thread-mounted barrel for easy and versatile mounting. Furthermore, an LED laser operation and pre-failure indicator is included, making the user aware the laser is in operation.


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