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Xtium2-CLHS PX8 LC frame grabber

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company and global leader in machine vision technology, is pleased to announce its Xtium™2-CLHS PX8 LC ─ the latest member of the Xtium2-CLHS PX8 series for the PCIe Gen3 platform.

The Xtium2-CLHS supports Active Optical Cable (AOC) and industry standard CX4 cables. This single cable, single slot solution supports up to 4-CLHS lanes, each operating at 10-Gb/s, to acquire images at 5.0GB/s and transfer them using PCIe x8 slots at a sustained speed above 6.8GB/s to the host memory.

Teledyne DALSA’s Xtium2-CLHS family features sophisticated, high-efficiency data transmission technology to deliver higher image throughput, longer cable distances (beyond 100 meters) and built-in support for real-time distributed image processing capabilities. The Xtium2-CLHS family reduces both system complexity and cost while maintaining flexibility.

“The Xtium2-CLHS PX8 LC offers a well-balanced set of features critically required for high-speed, error-free, cost-sensitive and real-time imaging applications,” said Senior Product Manager, Inder Kohli.

When combined with cutting-edge color, and multispectral line scan cameras like the new Linea ML, Xtium2-CLHS PX8 LC frame grabbers enable the newest and most demanding vision applications.

Xtium2-CLHS PX8 LC Key Features:

  • Supports Active Optical Cables (AOC) for longer cable distance at max data rate
  • Data forwarding at maximum input data rate for distributed image processing
  • Synchronized acquisition from multiple independent cameras
  • Ready to use pixel formats reduce processing time
  • High reliability with advanced metadata
  • Fully supported by Sapera Vision Software SDKs

Collaborative Robots, Advanced Vision & A.I. Conference

Teledyne Lumenera and Teledyne Dalsa also announce their combined presence at the Collaborative Robots, Advanced Vision & A.I. Conference ( in San Jose, CA, November 12-13, 2019.

On display at tabletop #35 you will find popular GigE Vision and USB cameras from Teledyne DALSA and Lumenera that are ideally suited to aerial imaging, intelligent traffic systems, life sciences, photonics, and other embedded vision and general machine vision applications. Both companies will showcase their new and advanced vision and sensor solutions for AI.

In a presentation titled Real World Challenges for AI in Vision Applications, Dany Longval, Vice President Worldwide Sales for Teledyne Lumenera, will address how advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly in deep learning, have accelerated the proliferation of vision-based applications. The focus of this presentation will be on lessons learned in trying to harness the potential of AI from the point of view of a developer and integrator of vision solutions. Catch the presentation at 2 pm on November 13.


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