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Cognex has launched an innovative field-of-view expansion technology for its DataMan 300 series of image-based barcode readers called Xpand. Xpand technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved using fewer readers, which reduces installation time, setup duration and overall cost.

With the addition of Xpand technology, the field of view of a single DataMan 300 can be increased by more than 50 per cent. The increased read rates mean a smaller number of packages need to be handled manually and fewer workers are required for relabeling or rerouting rejects.

The Xpand accessory was designed specifically for use with the DataMan 300 series of barcode readers. DataMan barcode systems are a better choice than laser scanners because they deliver higher read rates, provide visual performance feedback and have a longer product life. DataMan readers combine the performance of Cognex image-based products with the cost and ease-of-use of laser scanners.


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