xiSpec hyperspectral camera

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Ximea releases the xiSpec super compact USB3-Vision hyperspectral camera.

XIMEA is renowned for its capabilities to design extremely small, robust and easy-to-use industrial cameras and the smallest hyperspectral imaging (HSI) cameras available today.

Conventional color cameras use a mosaic pattern of red, green and blue (RGB) color filters on top of the pixel matrix. Hyperspectral cameras replace the RGB pattern by many different wavelength filters. While the numerous color filters increase the complexity of the de-mosaicing and reduce the spatial resolution, HSI cameras deliver spectra for individual narrow color bands revealing a different set of information that can also indicate chemical or composition differences of objects of same or similar color imaged by RGB cameras.

From May 2016 XIMEA will offer the all new camera model MQ022HG-IM-LS150-VISNIR of its hyperspectral xiSpec series:

Instead of using a mosaic pattern of hyperspectral filters, this camera features a line-wise arrangement of 150 HSI bands. Thanks to the high frame rate of the image sensor, this camera enables detailed and crisp captures of moving objects at multiple wavelengths. Thereby the objects can be moved orthogonally to the horizontal color filters of a mounted camera, e.g. on a conveyor belt, or the camera can be attached e.g. to a UAV, which flies over a large area. The visual and near-infrared (NIR) spectrum of this camera is especially relevant in agriculture.

The features of this new xiSpec multi-linescan HSI camera:

- Detailed hyperspectral analysis: 150 HSI bands between 470 and 900nm covering the visual and NIR spectrum
- Crisp captures of objects passing by the camera, e.g. in drone or conveyor applications: high-speed multi-linescan with up to 1020 lines/sec
- Easy and fast system integration: USB3 Vision® compliant including Windows, Linux and MacOS drivers, SDK and USB 3.0 micro-B with screw-lock
- Ideal for narrow spaces, mobile or airborne applications: Highly compact (26.4 x 26.4 x 31 mm), lightweight (32 g) and power saving (1.6 W), also available without housing as single-PCB board-level version for even tighter integration.

XIMEA’s xiSpec camera is based on the design and technology of the globally field-proven xiQ series of industrial USB 3.0 cameras.