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XiQ cameras

Pioneer in pushing the limits of USB3 Vision cameras, XIMEA GmbH, is continuously upgrading its offer of xiQ cameras. This time models using VITA 1300 sensor were upgraded by utilizing the latest sensor from ON Semiconductor called PYTHON 1300. This change resulted in one of the fastest cameras available with USB 3.0, providing speeds of 210 fps at 1.3 Mpix and 800 fps at VGA resolution.

While listening to the requests of customers it was possible to identify the most important features of the camera – small size and speed. Where size is already addressed by the most compact form factor, speed can be increased further. Therefore, keeping in mind the great popularity of the VITA1300 model, the decision was made to implement its faster successor - PYTHON1300.

Integration of the new camera option into existing customer applications should also proceed smoothly since the only major change in sensor is its increased speed that went up from 150 fps at full resolution to 210 fps (with Zero ROT). This allows to achieve more than 800 fps at VGA and even over 1000 fps with 8bit and 640x400.
Existing customers and those who wish to keep a stock of VITA 1300 models for future demand can contact XIMEA or your Sales representative to explore the availability and price benefits.


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