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X-Ray Camera GigE 1.3 MP

Visions Connection has released the X-Ray Camera GigE 1.3 MP, which represents a new way to capture X-ray images with standard CCD sensors. The X-Ray Camera GigE 1.3 MP is a CCD Camera with a fused fiber optic taper that is attached directly to the image sensor with proprietary technology.

Our GdOS coating is applied directly to the surface of the fiber-optic bundle for maximum efficiency using our proprietary technology, optional CsI scintillator also available. The camera ships with a thin aluminized window to protect the x-ray sensitive material from scratches.

The X-Ray Camera GigE 1.3 MP is designed for OEMs who wish to use a standard camera with X-Ray sources. Using this technology the sensor is several inches away from the x-ray source, thus reducing the rate of sensor deterioration.


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