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Firstsight Vision offers a comprehensive range of LED illumination sources at competitive prices to industrial and scientific OEMs, system Integrators and resellers. This includes the range of LED sources from CCS.

The LDR2/SQR series of LEDs from CCS have a high intensity light output creating crisp vivid images with a choice of heat dissipation characteristics and cost. With favourable exchange rates and lower cost options, there has never been a better time to buy this premium LED brand.

The LDR2 series features high-density LED arrays arranged in an umbrella configuration, creating an extremely bright concentration of light at the centre of the illumination area. They use a special heat dissipating enclosure for harsh environments and heat sensitive applications. This prevents the heat from building up in the LEDs and increases both the life expectancy and the uniformity of the unit.

The SQR is a compact low-cost version of the popular LDR2 series, ideally suited to applications where heat dissipation is less critical. The LEDs are mounted perpendicularly on a flat base for high performance.


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