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VisionAI camera

With the freely programmable, AI camera VisionAI from Imago Technologies GmbH, image processing applications from the fields of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning can be easily implemented. With its integrated Google Edge TPU, the inference system supports the TensorFlow Lite and AutoML Vision Edge frameworks. This makes it ideal for tasks such as pattern recognition, classification, anomaly or defect detection in inspection applications, code reading and many other custom applications.

With SDK and sample programs, users do not have to deal with image acquisition, I/O handling or other basic functions, but can fully concentrate on the development of the actual image processing solution.

Complementing this, VisionAI users also have the flexibility to develop their own image processing applications based on Halcon, C++ or Python, incorporating any libraries or their own source code. The VisionAI's free programmability makes it extremely flexible in selecting the appropriate software and allows complete access to the hardware, giving users full control over the design of their embedded solution.

The VisionAI features a 5MPixel resolution camera, quad-core ARM processor and Google Coral Accelerator, forming an effective combination of high computing power and compact image processing system.

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