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Vision Inspector

Boulder Imaging has released its Vision Inspector line of high performance machine vision systems. Vision Inspector solutions are designed to monitor high speed manufacturing machines and processes, inspect 100 per cent of parts for defects and non-uniformities, and perform micron level measurement of parts.

Each Vision Inspector system can be implemented individually or integrated to provide a comprehensive vision solution for the entire manufacturing environment.

Vision Inspector Benchmark provides precise part measurement for quality control inspection. Benchmark also provides detailed reports for customers and for ISO compliance.

Vision Inspector Beacon is an in-line high-performance machine vision system that detects defects, characteristics, or non-uniformities in parts (metal, plastic, glass, rubber, etc.), web materials (such as paper), and components (such as labels). It is available out-of-the-box or as a custom configurable system. Complete systems include lighting, appropriate high-speed, high-resolution camera(s), and optics for particular applications. Beyond simple pass/fail, Beacon can segregate and categorise defective or non-uniform parts and materials.

Vision Inspector Guardian provides system monitoring to ensure that machinery and processes are functioning within desired specifications. Any anomalous behaviour creates a fault condition, which triggers alerts and other notifications as well as line adjustments and minimising product waste and system downtime. Guardian provides detailed insight into historical downtime and employee response time.


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