VCSBC6085 nano RH

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Vision Components has developed the VCSBC6085 nano RH, an intelligent board camera for detecting very delicate structures in X-ray images. The camera uses a Sony ICX285 CCD sensor with a 1,280 x 1,024 pixel resolution and a 16-bit A/D converter, instead of a standard 10-bit model.

Using the 2/3-inch sensor, the camera can distinguish between 65,536 shades of grey while standard cameras are limited to 256 shades. Combined with the integrated 300MHz DSP of the VCSBC6085, these features enable high-precision processing in all kinds of analysis devices, such as laboratory automation, in life sciences, and in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Like all VC cameras, the new board camera executes independently all image processing routines without an external PC. The new camera model is based on the VCSBC60XX nano RH series that can be integrated into applications with a footprint of 40 x 60mm. Measuring 30 x 47mm, the VCSBC6085’s remote sensor head provides added flexibility.

The camera is equipped with a 32MB Flash and 128MB DDR-RAM memory. A 100Mb Ethernet interface enables integration into automation environments.