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Vision Components has added to its range of intelligent cameras with the VC44xx camera series, which is suitable for highly complex applications. VC44xx cameras feature a 1 GHz (8,000 MIPS) DSP, which is able to process even great amounts of data, thereby rendering additional PC-based image processing systems unnecessary. VC44xx cameras offer a maximum resolution of two Megapixels and record up to 250fps (500fps in binning mode). By default, they have an internal memory capacity of 64Mb RAM which can be optionally extended to 128Mb. The cameras are connected to networks via an Ethernet interface which also enables access via Internet, thereby allowing for easy remote configuration. Vision Components also produces powerful intelligent board cameras without a housing that are suited to OEM applications.

The real time, multitasking operating system VCRT controls all camera functions. The cameras are freely programmable in C and C++. Programs are developed by way of an integrated development environment on a PC. Vision Components offers regular seminars and Internet tutorials about programming and image processing for beginners and advanced users.


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