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VC Smart Reader

Vision Components has introduced its data matrix code reading software. Combined with an intelligent camera, the VC Smart Reader enables quick and reliable identification of 2D codes, with a maximum frame rate of 150fps (depending on the camera).

Its ability to detect code is very robust and is independent of its shape, size, background and orientation. It can read mirrored, nailed or dotted codes. The reading is not influenced by a covered L corner or a partially destroyed L pattern of the data matrix code.

The VC Smart Reader software has been optimised for use with VC40xx, VC44xx, VCSBC40xx and VisiCube camera types. It features three operation modes: the Auto Mode requires no configuration efforts and enables the detection of a wide range of codes; the Teach-In Mode allows users to read in one code sample whose parameters are stored in a list; and the Parameter Adjustment Mode allows for manual adjustment of parameters to improve performance.


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