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USB uEye LE upgrade

IDS Imaging Development Systems has introduced an improved housing design for its USB uEye LE camera series. This product upgrade features a new sealing system between the sensor and the camera's filter glass. The optimised and precisely fitted seal prevents the entry of dust and other particles into the dust-free sensor area.

By devising a multi-part solution for the filter design, the seal, the filter glass and the lens thread are now mounted separately. This allows users to exchange the filter glass easily. IDS offers a variety of filter glasses. The individual sensor and colour settings can be customised through the camera software to suit the selected filter. The housing format and software integration of the camera series remain unchanged, which allows integration of the USB uEye LE into existing environments without making any changes.

The cameras feature CMOS sensors with resolutions from WVGA to 5 Megapixels at an excellent price/performance ratio. Besides models with CE-B certified housing and C/CS-mount lens connection, the series also includes board-level versions with S-mount lens holder. All USB and GigE cameras from IDS have compatible drivers and come with a free uEye SDK software package for easy integration into existing and new applications.


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