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USB 3.0 cable assembly

Alysium-Tech has released a USB 3.0 cable assembly that can achieve 10m application length. The cabling is available from Framos.

USB 3.0 offers impressive transmission speeds of 5GB/s, thereby exceeding common machine vision interfaces such as 1394B, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0, with accessibility exceeding that of Camera Link approaches. The only major restriction is cable length, which is limited to around 2m for consumer grade materials.

Drawing on capabilities in parallel twinax constructions, which are typically applied in high-performance cabling applications like multiplexing switching systems in telecoms, Alysium-Tech created a cable design which significantly exceeds the commonly available levels. Plugs are processed with machine vision requirements in mind, exceeding EMC requirements such as FCC Class B, and offering screw locking to ensure durable connections with 80°C temperature rating. In line with a fine selection of USB 3.0 cameras, Framos is offering its customers a technically outstanding solution with individual service at a convincing price point.


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