USB 3.0 25-metre cable for Ximea cameras

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Components Express, a manufacturer of cabling technology for the machine vision industry, and Ximea, an international manufacturer of high-end cameras, have jointly announced that Ximea’s lines of USB 3.0 and USB3 Vision cameras have been successfully tested with CEI’s 25 metre active repeater BitMaxx cable.

According to the companies, the throughput achieved by CEI’s 25m BitMaxx cable compared very favourably with standard length benchmark cables. Ximea USB 3.0 cameras have proven to be highly compatible as they worked with shorter and longer CEI cables. In addition, USB3 Vision-compliant locking, adds the secure connection needed for machine vision applications.

CEI’s 25-metre cable provides a medium-range USB 3.0 cable, thus equipping customers with the option to enjoy proven benefits of USB3 SuperSpeed technology while having industrial cameras further away from the processing backend.