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USB 3 uEye CP series

IDS Imaging Development Systems now offers three new USB 3.0 camera families in addition to its USB 3 uEye CP series.

The new families are designed for cost critical applications in automation, robotics, print and packaging industry, apparatus, and medical engineering.

The plastic housing for the USB 3 uEye LE camera is both light and robust, is aimed for applications with its C/CS-Mount lens mount, which also allows for wide-angled lenses.

The single-board version is an easily integrated camera due to its tiny size and is hence the perfect component for embedded systems, medical engineering and instrumentation. The camera also has an eight-pin connector with 5V power supply, trigger, flash, 2 GPIOs and I2C bus for triggering external devices.

The USB 3 uEye ML, is a camera designed for space critical applications, weighing 41g with a size of 47 x 46 x 28mm. The camera is suited to a wide range of applications thanks to two GPIOs, opto-decoupled trigger and flash. Its C/CS lens mount allows for a selection of lenses, with wide-angles lenses included.

All models are equipped with the latest and highly sensitive CMOS sensors from Aptina and e2v with resolutions from 1.3 to 5 megapixel. In addition, IDS’ special implemented sensor features extra functionality and high detail accuracy for light and speed critical applications. e2v’s 1.3 megapixel sensor is also available in a NIR enhanced version.


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