IMX249 CMOS cameras

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IDS (Imaging Development Systems GmbH) has launched two new cameras featuring the high performance IMX249 CMOS sensor from Sony. Available in GigE (UI-5260CP Rev 2) and USB 3.0 (UI-3260CP Rev 2) versions, these 2.3 MP cameras offer outstanding image quality and provide a budget-priced alternative to cameras featuring the fast, feature-rich Sony IMX174 sensor.

Part of the recently announced series of ‘Pregius’ CMOS sensors from Sony, the 1920 x 1200 pixel IMX249 sensor provides many of the same features as the highly respected IMX174 sensor. It offers the same excellent image quality, and with its extraordinarily low noise performance sets the same new standards in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and colour reproduction. The new sensor can run at a frame rate of 41 fps at full resolution.

The IMX249 sensor is perfect for applications demanding excellent image quality even in low-light conditions such as in ITS and in quality assurance applications. The availability of both GigE and USB 3.0 versions with either colour or monochrome sensors means that the user can choose the most appropriate model for their application.