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Unibrain Scorpion starter kit

Scorpion Vision has launched an entry-level machine vision kit for users wanting to investigate the potential of machine vision in their manufacturing environment but don't want to make significant investment in vision technology.

The Unibrain Scorpion starter kit contains a full suite of vision tools that will enable the user to automatically identify objects, read bar codes, write scripts, find angles and lines, measure edges and identify colours.

The package also includes: a Scorpion Lite license; a Unibrain Fire-i camera module; a 4.3mm lens; a 4.5 metre FireWire cable; a 1394a interface board; support; and a comprehensive list of tutorials for various vision tasks with examples.

No programming is required and users can expect to have a camera connected and the software identifying and measuring within 30 minutes. The starter kit costs £830.


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