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Ultra-high resolution CCDs

Andanta has introduced ultra-high resolution CCD image sensors, available from 4k x 4k to 10k x 10k pixels. The CCD sensors have high resolution up to 111 megapixels at a fill factor of 100 per cent. The devices, originally developed for astronomical applications, provide low noise. Noise levels of the 10k x 10k sensor are only 5 electrons at 1MHz and less than 3 electrons at 100kHz data rate. If higher noise values are tolerable and with 16 outputs at 20MHz data rate, the sensor reaches a fast readout rate of 2Hz.

Also available is a CCD with 8k x 8k pixel resolution and 8 outputs at 20MHz data rate. Considerably faster and cost-effective is the 4k x 4k CCD, available with 4 outputs at 40MHz data rate each.

Due to the low noise level and the high dynamic range of the sensors, high quality cameras with 16-bit digitisation can be engineered. Additionally, an anti-blooming function (horizontal or vertical) can be implemented.

The standard sensors are available with a wavelength-adapted spectral behaviour, as front- (FI) or back-illuminated (BI) designs, achieving quantum efficiencies of close to 90 per cent for the back-illuminated (BI) version.

Applications include high-performance, high-resolution and fast inspection of large 2D and 3D objects, such as large documents, posters and paintings, along with container-inspection, surveillance of larger areas and remote sensing from airplanes.

The sensors are offered in various grade classes and scales of vertical integration, starting from chip-level.


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