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ULS24 ultra-low-light CMOS bio-optical sensor

Anitoa Systems, ("Anitoa"), a Menlo Park CA startup since 2012, has announced the volume production release of its single chip Ultra-low-light CMOS bio-optical sensor, ULS24.  Capable of 3x10-6 lux low-light detection, Anitoa ULS24 is currently the world's most sensitive image sensor manufactured with proven low-cost CMOS image sensor (CIS) process technology.  ULS24 addresses the growing need for low cost, low power, rapid, and precise screening devices, such as portable point-of-care molecular testing instruments.  This ULS24 Bio-optical sensor is perfect candidate for all portable high precision molecular testing in food safety, animal health, environmental monitoring, and etc.

Until now, molecular testing such as DNA or RNA, and immunoassay testing (e.g. ELISA) rely on traditional bulky and expensive Photon Multiplier Tube (PMT) or cooled CCD technologies. "Following the trend of CMOS image sensors replacing CCDs in consumer cameras, many customers are exploring this CMOS Bio-optical sensor to replace CCD or PMT designs for new products," says Anitoa SVP Yuping Chung.  With Anitoa ULS24 now in volume production, it's unique ultra-low-light sensitivity rivals and replaces PMTs and CCDs used in molecular and immunoassay testing devices. ULS24 achieves this high level of sensitivity through the innovation of temperature compensated dark current management algorithm.

Anitoa ULS24 has a very small form factor, less than 5mm x 5mm, packed inside with a highly integrated array of active pixel sensors, A/D converter, digital communication interface, and signal processing circuit.  ULS24 consumes very low power at <30mW typical with a single 3.3V supply.  Thus, do away with the need of external cooling as required for PMTs or CCDs designs.

Since its initial sample shipment, Anitoa ULS24 has been proven in dozens of devices in molecular and immunoassay diagnosis, environmental testing, food safety, animal health and others.  Several of these ULS24 powered devices have gone through regulatory field testing with excellent performance data. To streamline and shorten customers' product development cycle, Anitoa offers a ULS24 Solution Kit including a ULS24 sensor board, MCU control board with USB, utility software, optional bandpass filter lens, and optional fiber optics based light guides.


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