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UI-3260CP Rev. 2

IDS expands its USB 3.0 camera portfolio at a rapid pace, and offers more models with forward-looking CMOS sensors. The UI-3260CP Rev. 2 with Sony IMX249 sensor represents a budget-priced solution for users, as an alternative to the Sony IMX174. Both sensors provide an excellent image quality, but the IMX249 delivers images with a reduced frame rate of 41 fps at full resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels). The CMOSIS CMV2000 that is integrated into the UI-3360CP Rev. 2 provides significantly more speed: the 2.2 MP sensor delivers up to 152 low-noise images per second. And last but not least, the UI-3370CP Rev. 2 is another USB 3.0 industrial camera: it is available with the 1”, highly light-sensitive 4.2 MP sensor CMV4000 by CMOSIS.

These three new camera models belong to the fully re-engineered generation of the USB 3 uEye CP family. The industrial camera with USB 3.0 interface has an integrated image memory, and can be used in many applications due to its compact dimensions (29 x 29 x 29 mm), robust magnesium housing, and screw-on micro USB 3.0 and Hirose connectors.

The 2.3 megapixel CMOS sensor IMX249 that is integrated into the UI-3260CP Rev. 2 model is identical to its "bigger brother" IMX174 in many properties. Both sensors belong to the Pregius series, providing excellent image quality and set the same new standards in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and color reproduction. Users who do not want to primarily benefit from the speed and the range of features of the Sony IMX174 but from a budget-priced option, they opt for the IMX249. It delivers 41 frames per second at full resolution, even in low light conditions. Therefore, it is recommended for use in applications like ITS or quality assurance.

The model UI-3370CP Rev. 2 with CMV4000 sensor by CMOSIS represents even higher resolution and light sensitivity. Its 4.2 megapixel sensor, 1" in size, has relatively large pixels and is recommended for use in applications like microscopy and astronomy. Both CMOSIS sensors provide numerous features including multi AOI with up to eight AOI, for simultaneous control of various characteristics. The innovative pixel architecture reduces fixed pattern noise and image noise almost to a minimum. Motion blur is effectively reduced and faster reading is enabled by further exposing during the readout, the so-called pipelining feature.

The three new camera models are available as colour or monochrome version, and the cameras with CMOSIS sensor additionally as NIR version. Users also benefit from the proven IDS Software Suite: it supports all the features of the CMOS sensors IMX249, CMV2000 and CMV4000, beginning with version 4.70. 


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