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UEye CP Rev 2 update

Two new models featuring high performance CMOS sensors from Cmosis have been added to the uEye CP Rev 2 range of industrial USB3 cameras from IDS (Imaging Development Systems). Available in both monochrome and colour versions, the UI-3360CP Rev. 2 features the high speed 2.2 megapixel CMV2000 sensor, while the UI-3370CP Rev. 2 utilises the 1-inch, light-sensitive 4.2 megapixel CMV4000 sensor.

The 2.2 megapixel UI-3360CP Rev. 2 offers high sensitivity, delivering low noise images at high speed. Frame rates of up to 152 frames per second at full resolution of 2,048 x 1,088 pixels make the camera ideal for multi-camera and 3D systems.

The 4.2 megapixel CMV4000 sensor used in the UI-3370CP Rev. 2 provides even greater resolution and light sensitivity. With an optical format of 1 inch, the sensor features relatively large pixels. The camera is suited for use in applications such as microscopy and astronomy.

Both Cmosis sensors include up to eight AOI, for simultaneous control of various characteristics. The pixel architecture reduces fixed pattern noise and image noise almost to a minimum, while motion blur is effectively reduced using the ‘pipelining’ feature which allows further exposure while the sensor data is being read out, which speeds up the readout.

Both cameras are additionally available with sensors offering enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region of the spectrum. The cameras feature the high speed USB3 data interface and are supplied with the IDS Software Suite, which supports the full feature set of both sensors, including high dynamic range imaging.


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