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uEye CP

IDS's USB 3 uEye CP camera family is now available with the EV76C570 global shutter sensor from e2v.

The CMOS sensor delivers the same image quality and light sensitivity as CCD, IDS claims, and has plenty of other innovative features (including a choice of three shutter modes and multi AOI).

In conjunction with the high-speed USB 3.0 interface, the new camera is recommended for use in 3D image processing, for example in process automation or vehicle body inspection, as well as in medical technology, robotics and logistics. It achieves a frame rate of 60fps at full resolution, up to 100fps in VGA quality.

The UI-3250CP model has a choice of three shutter modes, which can be changed during operation. This enables the user to choose the correct shutter for different applications, and provides flexibility if requirements should change.

Because of its multi AOI, with four AOIs and a sequential AOI function, different features can be captured with a very high frame rate or a series of exposures can be produced. In addition to a line scan mode, the camera also has a log mode. This enables high contrast scenes to be reproduced with excellent image quality with just one shot.


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