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uEye Cockpit

With uEye Cockpit, IDS offers a convenient installation and configuration tool for all its camera models. The software helps users to set up connected cameras and configure the ideal parameters for the best image without the need for programming. The tool is integrated in the latest driver version 3.81 and included in the scope of delivery of all IDS uEye cameras.

Originally designed as a programming example to show users an option for integrating cameras, the demo was gradually expanded into a powerful tool to make the installation of uEye cameras even easier and faster.

Connected cameras can be installed and configured optimally without programming, as, for example, the ideal settings for the best image are determined automatically. Bandwidth management can also be configured easily with the tool, as well as the perfect exposure time, the frame rate, or the trigger and flash handling.

These values are stored in an INF file, which makes it easy to import them into the applications. Making fine adjustments within this application is thus reduced to a minimum. If the ambient conditions change, the tool allows you to re-adjust camera settings and re-enter them into the application. Saving image sequences in an AVI video container is also included in the functional scope.

The uEye Cockpit is an integral component of the uEye software package version 3.81 or later.


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