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uEye 1466LE-C/1467LE-C

IDS has launched two extremely compact USB cameras with a 3-Megapixel resolution as part of the uEye LE series for non-industrial applications. Available as board-level models with S-mount lens connection, the 1466LE-C and 1467LE-C versions are only 36 x 36 x 20mm in size and weigh 12g. The USB 2.0 port is provided on the side of the camera to allow integration with minimum space and depth requirements.

The two colour cameras feature a high-quality CMOS sensor with rolling shutter and an infrared filter. The 1466LE version has an S-mount connector with an M12 thread, the 1467LE model comes with an M14 adapter.

Besides drivers for Windows and Linux the cameras ship with a comprehensive software package: More than 20 demo programs complete with source code make the cameras easy to integrate with the specific application. Interfaces for all standard image processing systems are also available, e.g. ActivVision Tools, Common Vision Blox, HALCON, Neurocheck or LabVIEW.


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