UC90 microscope camera

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Olympus has launched its new noise-free UC90 microscope camera for life and materials science applications. Thanks to a range of features, the UC90 is suited to capturing and documenting real-life details, while a 4K UHD mode supports scientists in overcoming the limitations of the oculars with the many benefits of complete on-screen operation. 

In-depth sample analysis is achieved without compromise, with the one-inch CCD colour sensor of the Olympus UC90 camera containing nine megapixels. This not only provides a large field of view to cover nearly all the sample area normally observed through the oculars, but the high resolution in combination with perfect colour reproduction also retains the sample’s details. Without the need to switch objectives to capture large sample structures, operation at the monitor is fast and efficient, allowing the quick creation of fully detailed images that are ideal for documentation and accurate retrospective analysis.

These images can now be clearly observed on-screen thanks to the new 4K UHD imaging mode, ensuring compatibility with 4K UHD monitors, large-screen TVs and projectors. Presenting large, detailed images vastly improves sharing and discussions, and lessens the need to verify observations on the oculars. Fast frame rates (26 fps) at 4K UHD resolution also allows fluid and accurate on-screen evaluation and clear presentations, in some cases even highlighting details missed through the oculars.

Simplifying the acquisition of sharp images, Focus Peaking directly highlights all focused areas in the live image, while Olympus Smart Image Averaging (OSIA) cancels noise in low light conditions or high zoom levels and avoids trailing artefacts during sample movement. Unlike active sensor cooling, which only becomes evident under low light conditions and long exposure times, OSIA benefits normal everyday working conditions. In addition, panning and focusing on-screen are eased through ‘fast live’ mode which keeps the live image fast and fluid under the most challenging imaging conditions.