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UC-200 camera

Entner Electronics, manufacturer of highly integrated cameras for embedded vision, announces the launch of the new UC-200 camera.

The UC-200 is a compact camera that allows for easy integration into embedded vision systems including security and surveillance, drones, low-vision, video communication systems, visualizers and many more. The camera utilizes a Sony 13MP EXMOR (rolling shutter) sensor operating at 30fps and an integrated F2.2 lens to achieve high sensitivity, low noise and high speed image capturing. The proprietary camera read-out electronics are optimized for a low latency.

The camera supports 1080p/60 HDMI or LVDS output and 13 megapixel snapshot mode. Other output resolutions are available on request. A high-quality digital zoom option up to 16x is available to increase image detail.

All interfaces including HDMI, LVDS, Ethernet, and USB are available in the camera taking away the need for additional interfacing electronics. The camera is controllable through the proprietary #SPEED protocol or via the industry standard VISCA protocol.

An onboard ARM processor running Linux OS is open to the user to add image processing functionality or on-screen controls to the camera. Alternatively Entner Electronics offers software development support to realize customer specific applications.

For hassle free evaluation of the technology a ready-to-use R&D kit is available offering all physical interfaces and camera controls.


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