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VC Z series cameras

Vision Components embedded systems with high-performance CMOS sensors achieve outstanding frame rates. The manufacturer now integrates another new Sony Pregius image sensor into VC Z series cameras. The Sony Pregius IMX392 is a 1/2.3" sensor featuring a 1920 px by 1200 px resolution. In Vision Components products, it achieves a maximum frame rate of 118 fps at full resolution. This new Sony Pregius is available in OEM board cameras with an integrated sensor and in versions with one or two remote sensor heads connected to the CPU board via flexprint cable. It is also used in two enclosed, standalone camera models, the compact VCnanoZ and the especially robust, IP67-rated VCproZ. There are various interface options for all designs.

This 2.3-megapixel sensor is now the third Sony Pregius in the Vision Components lineup. The various camera types mentioned above are also available with IMX273 sensors, which provide a 1.6 MP resolution and a maximum frame rate of 170 fps, or with IMX252 sensors that achieve 3.2 MP and 88 fps. Faster processing speeds are possible at lower resolutions. This new addition gives OEMs an even more versatile choice of fast smart cameras. Pregius series sensors are designed with industrial applications in mind. The latest-generation CMOS sensors ensure high dynamics and excellent image quality due to extremely low dark noise. Even under difficult ambient conditions with very little light, the sensors capture very crisp, virtually noise-free images. VC Z series cameras are fully fledged powerful image processing systems. All models contain a Xilinx Zynq module, a system on chip (SoC), which comprises a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with a 2 x 866 MHz clock rate as well as an FPGA.


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