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TX series

Baumer has released the new TX series Fire Wire cameras. The cameras are faster, more compact, more accurate, more intelligent and better value for money than previous lines.

The cameras are both Fire Wire a and Fire Wire b compatible. The series consists of TXF and TXD lines, and it supports asynchronous (FCAM) and isochronous (DCAM) data transfer. Both lines consist of 6 models (monochrome and colour versions of each) with resolutions from VGA up to 2 Megapixel, and can achieve frame rates of up to 90fps.

Superb 12-bit signal processing ensures excellent image quality. The images are low noise and structure-free image data, with precise measurement results in demanding image processing tasks. The new generation of cameras offer user-customisable gain, offset and exposure time settings, as well as binning and true partial scan (ROI) readout modes for enhanced sensitivity or increasing frame rate.

Exact synchronisation is provided with the industrial compliant trigger and flash interface on the camera housing itself, which is designed to meet the requirements of industrial automation and can easily be extended to accommodate additional digital I/Os or other interfaces.

The robust housing design has dimensions of just 36 x 36 x 48mm. It includes a highly flexible generic software interface (B-GAPI). The software interface also supports Gigabit Ethernet. The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides extensive, powerful functions for an optimum and rapid integration of the camera in existing application software under Windows and Linux.


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