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Two megapixel Sapphire CMOS image sensor

E2v’s Sapphire range of CMOS image sensors has been expanded to include a new two megapixel variant, which is manufactured with a microlens designed to accept a Chief Ray Angle (CRA) as low as zero degrees. This feature significantly improves the performance with an excellent uniformity of response over the whole array area, which is ideal for applications such as microscopy.

The new sensor can be used with the same electronic and optical interfaces as the standard Sapphire two megapixel EV76C570, making it ideal as a drop-in replacement. This enables existing camera systems to serve new applications, or offer improved performance in current applications (such as machine vision) due to better image uniformity and reduced shading artefacts.

The new sensor is available in colour (EV76C571ACT) and black and white (EV76C571ABT).


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