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TubeInspect HS

Aicon has launched the camera-based 3D tube measuring system TubeInspect HS. 

For measuring tubes, the system uses ten digital cameras with higher resolutions. Moreover a spatial reference point field made from glass, being especially stable with respect to shape and temperature, is located in the measuring cell. Thus the measuring system can resort to reference points in different spatial planes, which leads to a more precise measurement of the tube geometries. TubeInspect HS uses Aicon's software version 4.5 that contributes to a higher measuring accuracy due to an improved algorithm. 

TubeInspect has a precision of up to 50µm and allows for the measurement of any tube geometry independent from surface colour or texture. The system measures tubes with diameters ranging from 2mm to 100mm and the measuring range of the system is 1,080 x 980 x 500mm.


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