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TrueMura software module

Pro-Lite Technology has released the TrueMura software module for users of its ProMetric CCD imaging photometers from Radiant Imaging. TrueMura adds advanced functionality to ProMetric 9.1 software to enable the identification and classification of flat panel display mura, which are correlated with human perception in terms of Just Noticeable Differences (JND).

The TrueMura analysis module for ProMetric 9.1 provides automated defect detection analysis for flat panel display (FPD) systems that is precisely correlated to human judgment of brightness, colour and blemishes. When used in conjunction with a ProMetric CCD imaging photometer or colorimeter it provides a complete characterisation and testing system for FPDs - especially liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and displays - in both R&D and production.

Computer aided detection of display defects or blemishes (referred to as mura) has traditionally been extremely difficult, because the human visual recognition of uniformity variations and other defects is dependent upon many factors including brightness, colour and spatial relationships. Most available techniques for display defect analysis are based upon simple thresholding techniques. While useful in identifying gross defects, simple threshold analysis cannot accurately discriminate what are referred to as just noticeable differences (JND) - artefacts just noticeable by a human observer. In comparison, TrueMura is based upon a model of human perception which allows a grading of LCD mura in a way designed to match human observers, ignoring mura that cannot be seen by humans, and ranking different mura, which are distinguished by humans into categories matching those assigned by human observers.

Radiant Imaging's TrueMura analysis module is the first commercial system available to provide advanced image analysis algorithms for computing JND. This augments the defect analysis functions already available in ProMetric 9.1. The JND detection algorithm incorporated in TrueMura is based upon a Standard Spatial Observer technology licensed by Radiant Imaging from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

TrueMura is the latest addition to Radiant Imaging's portfolio of software and hardware tools designed to help perfect the image from flat panel as well as other display technologies. ProMetric 9.1, the control and analysis software for Radiant Imaging's ProMetric series of CCD imaging colorimeters and photometers, incorporates additional automated defect analysis tools to identify mura, bright pixels, dark pixels, and line defects for a broad range of display technologies. In addition, Radiant Imaging provides ProMetric systems for display colour balancing, LED video screen measurement and correction, and display view angle performance measurement.


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