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Tripod modular light system

Spectrum Illumination has introduced the Tripod modular light system. With a triangular design, the Tripod modules can be used separately as a spot light or together to create single or double row linear lights. Large area lights or ring lights are also possible. 

Every Tripod module can be master or slave and up to 50 modules can run on a master. The end user can decide if all the modules need to be strobed together or separately. The lighting module is set to burst the LED at the maximum current rating when first turned on and then drop down to normal run current - the reason being, so the end user can get the highest possible output for high speed applications. 

The end user can also decide if they would like to control the intensity of all the modules together or separately by either analogue 0-10VDC or manually with a potentiometer.

Each module also has a LED error detection output and three indicator lights. The LED error detection output and indicator is on when the strobe input is off to signify correct operation. When the strobe is active the LED error detection output and indicator should be off unless the LED is shorted or open. The housing is moulded from a special thermally conductive plastic to maximise LED life


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