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Moritex has launched software for its Triplesense skin counselling monitor to assist cosmeticians to maximise the effectiveness of their advanced skin counselling sessions.

Developed in conjunction with Alpha Strumenti Srl and leading skin care specialist Yana Butler, the new software program graphically displays results as a map of the subject's skin condition in terms of moisture, oiliness and elasticity over a number of zones. The displayed information assists cosmeticians with their recommendations of appropriate treatments and anti-ageing products.

The unique Triplesense compact sensor head contains three sensors for measuring levels of moisture in the stratum corneum, sebum (oiliness) taken from the skin and elasticity. Operation is simple and quick following audible cues. There are no disposable caps or tapes and all readings are taken at the same time.

In three seconds the readings are complete. By entering the subject's age before measurement the results are also shown relative to corresponding age group averages. All measured data can be easily imported and stored on a PC using the optional sensor cradle.


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