Toshiba Teli Bee BU238M/MC camera

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Toshiba Teli has launched the BU238M/MC USB3.0 camera with Sony’s IMX174 sensor. The camera is available from Framos.

The Bee series is made for high speed or low light factory automation or machine vision applications and uses Sony’s global shutter CMOS sensor. The Exmor global shutter with 2.4 megapixel resolution enables distortion free images and has a peak quantum efficiency of more than 70 per cent. The cameras offer a frame rate of 165fps.

With short shutter times, higher frame rates and processing times, the sensitivity enables greater dynamic range and lower power costs together with clean images. The sensor has a dynamic range of 70dB and a low read noise of 6e-.

The Toshiba Teli BU238M/MC with Sony’s IMX174 is available from June 2014. A further two Toshiba Teli Bee models will also be available at this time: the BU205M with 2 megapixel Cmosis sensor and the BU406M with 4 megapixel Cmosis sensor. The cameras measure 29 x 29 x 16mm.